What is Filamentlux®?

Filamentlux® Kits contains electroluminescent wires (E.L. Wire), brand new illumination technology for your bicycle or your helmet that gives you both, style and security.

Filamentlux® is a flexible wire and adaptable to any kind of helmet or bicycle, with which you can create infinite designs with multiple colors.

E.L. Wire, unlike LED wire, gives unbroken illumination, granting an unique 360 vision.

How does it work?

E.L. wire is powered by an inverter and 2 AA batteries.

It has 3 different lighting modes:

  • - static light
  • - slow blink
  • - fast blink

How it installs?

Each Filamentlux® Kit includes a user’s manual, velcro, straps, tags and glue for an easy installation.

In just a few steps, you can turn your helmet or bicycle into something unique and original.

A variety of Filamentlux® Kits and colors are available to create your own designs.

Everyone uses LED. Be different and dare to light your way with