Does the material that comes inside my kit can be considered LED technology?

No, the material used in all Filamentlux® kits are EL Wire. This technology, unlike a strip of LEDs, is continuous lighting over the whole surface and reaches 360 ° visibility.

During the day my kit is not appreciated as much as at night, it my kit damaged?

We make sure that each kit work before being sent. EL Wire technology can only be fully appreciated in low light or at night. In case you can not see in any of these two environments, please contact us to our email and we will be glad to help you.

How long do the batteries last?

Everything will depend on the quality of the batteries you use and the kit you purchase. As the kit has more EL Wire, this will consume more energy both for the life of the batteries will decrease. Two, fully charged, NiMH rechargeable AA batteries can illuminate a helmet for 10-13 hours in constant mode, and much longer in the blinking modes.

My controler makes a noise when is turned on, is it damaged?

No, the internal electronic circuit design produces a sound that is expected, so don’t worry.

Do Filamentlux® Kits are waterproof?

No, you are advised not to wet your kit.

Is it possible to remove and replace any helmet kit once it is installed?

It is possible but it will probably damage the surface of your helmet and possibly your kit, it is not recommended and we will not be responsible for any damage in your helmet nor your kit if your decide to do it. The super glue Krazy® Loka® Kola is designed to be applied and not removed.

What batteries uses the controller?

2 AA NiMh rechargeables for the best results. Standard AA alkaline batteries can also be used.

Can I use rechargeable batteries?


How is the lifetime of the kit?

All Filamentlux® kits have 3 months of warranty for any manufacturing defect.

I have a project in mind and would like to use your EL Wire but I require more meters of which you sell in their kits, I could sell more meters?

Of course, tell us about your project by sending an email to and we will be pleased to advise you of how you might use our materials.

I want my kit installed, do you have this service?

This service is just for people living in Guadalajara metropolitan area and is performed during Saturday of each week in our offices. The installation must be scheduled at least 3 days in advance by e-mail: The service has an extra cost of $300 mexican pesos and need to be paid the day of installation.

I live in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara and would avoid me pay shipping, delivery could make me personally?

Yes, please specify in your purchase that you would like to be delivered in Guadalajara and we will contact you to coordinate the delivery at our offices, we do it every Saturday of the week.