Iluminación que dibuja S.A. de C.V. , established in Lope de Vega number 264 inside 25, col. Arcos Vallarta, zip code 44150, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico; we provide this Privacy Notice pursuant to the Federal Law of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, Regulations and Guidelines Privacy Notice.

Filamentlux collect your personal data in order to create personal accounts, send notices about our offers, making the processing of purchases, orders, payments, manage user profiles, customized search results, verify accuracy of age and perform internal analysis customer market. Filamentlux® is committed to the security and privacy of personal data.

I. Personal Information that Filamentlux may request.

Derived from our operation and service, Filamentlux® may obtain your personal information in various ways through its web site Filamentlux® may seek (i) user identification data such as name, date of birth, email address, phone number, cellphone number, address, city, (ii) tax data as offices and number of Federal Tax and (iii) financial data as bank account information and credit card information and / or debit card and payment. It is understood that Filamentlux® not collect sensitive personal data.

II. Purpose of Personal Data Processing.

Please note that your personal data will be used for the purpose of carrying out the transactions inherent in our business and any activity resulting from the legal relationship or came into existence between you user and Filamentlux®, providing buying-selling services, perform billing, shipping, advertising and transfer to third parties of information and advertising for such products or services to the extent that the transfer is necessary to comply with the aforementioned purposes.

Limiting use and disclosure of information.

It is understood that at any time you may request cancellation and / or revocation of the consent of your subscription to our newsletter advertising, asking for your unsubscription at []

III. Transfer of personal data.

Filamentlux® informs you that your personal data will be safeguarded under the highest safety standards, ensuring at all times the strictest confidentiality and privacy, by adhering at all times to the provisions of the Mexican Federal Law of Personal Data Held by particular, Regulations and Guidelines Privacy Notice.

Filamentlux® will not transfer, share or transmit for any reason your personal data to third parties without your consent, unless (i) the transfer is necessary by virtue of a contract concluded or to be concluded by your interest, (ii) where the transfer customers make between our affiliates and / or our parent company and (iii) where the transfer is necessary for the implementation or maintenance of a legal relationship between you and Filamentlux®.

IV. Security measures.

All information and personal data you provide through the various forms on the Web site are duly protected by secure servers owned by third Filamentlux® or professionals hired by us under various security protocols and administration in order to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data and that they are strictly used for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice.

While buying a product or service online, bank details will be asked for, so that we offer security and confidentiality of the data provided, because we have a secure server under the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) so that the information sent is transmitted to the server encrypted to ensure your protection.

To verify that you are in a protected environment, make sure to enter the site Filamentlux an "S" appears in the navigation bar "https": //. This is to ensure a secure environment.

However, and despite we have every day safer tools, protection of data sent over the Internet cannot be guaranteed 100%; so once received, we will make every effort to safeguard the information.

V. Cookies.

Cookies are data files that are stored on the hard drive of the computers to navigate a specific internet site, which allows you to exchange state information between the site and the user's browser. The next time you enter the website, we may use the information stored in the cookie for the sole purpose of facilitating the use of our website and customize our search and catalog to you.

For use of cookies, the button "help" found in the toolbar of most browsers will tell you how to avoid accepting new cookies, how to make the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie or how to disable all cookies.

VI. Transfer in special circumstances.

If there is a sale, merger, consolidation, change in corporate control, transfer of substantial assets, reorganization or liquidation of Iluminación que dibuja S.A. de C.V. then, at our discretion, may transfer, sell or assign information collected on this website one or more relevant parts. In each of these cases, users will be informed in advance and if the user does not want their data to be transferred, product of the operations mentioned above, you may contact us and request deletion of your account. The default user presumes that is in accordance with the transfer.

VII. ARCO rights.

ARCO rights (access, rectification, cancellation and opposition)

The responsible area for the management and administration of personal data is: Security Area of Iluminación que dibuja S.A. de C.V. whom you can contact by email or directly at Lope de Vega number 264 inside 25, col. Arcos Vallarta, zip code 44150, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, phone +52 33 36154308 or +52 33 36166477.

VIII. To exercise your rights ARCO and revoke the consent given.

As holder of personal data, the "User" may exercise the ARCO (access, cancellation, rectification and opposition to the processing of personal data), or revoke consent granted to Filamentlux® for the processing of your data rights personal, directly by sending your request to the Security area of Iluminación que dibuja S.A. de C.V. by e-mail:

IX. Changes in the privacy notice.

We reserve the right to make changes at any time or update this privacy notice to the attention of legislative features, internal policies, new requirements for providing or offering our services or products and market practices.

These changes will be available to the public through our website in section Privacy Notice.

X. Acceptance of Terms.

This privacy statement is subject to the terms and conditions of the website Filamentlux® described above, which constitutes a legal agreement between you and Filamentlux®.

If the user uses the services purchased by Filamentlux®, it means you have read, understood and agreed to the terms outlined above.

XI. Authority.

If you believe that your rights have been violated regarding the protection of personal data, you have the right to go to the appropriate authority to defend their exercise. The authority is the Federal Institute of Access to Information and Data Protection (IFAI), its website is:

XII. Area of Personal Data.

For any matter related to this Privacy Notice, the processing of personal data and / or the exercise of their rights ARCO, you have the following options (i) go directly to the offices of Filamentlux® whose head has already been established; (ii) make your request in writing via email to the following address with opening hours from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 hours.

XIII. Date of last update.

Dear user, you are notified that the Privacy Notice has been amended on February 10, 2016.